Give your kids a chance to get creative and play with colors the way they want. With Art and craft service, your kids can learn to create various new things and different art forms. It will improve their creative abilities and awareness. Kids will create some amazing masterpieces with their art and craft selection.

Mask Painting

If you want kids and adults to have some memorable moments at the event, then Mask painting service will be the best choice. With various types of masks and designs available, everyone will get the freedom to design and paint their own masks and wear them during the event.

Batik Painting

Batik painting service will attract people of all ages. It will provide kids and adults a chance to get creative and show their artistic skills on a piece of cloth. Batik painting service is perfect for public events and carnivals where everyone can enjoy such services.


Whether you are arranging a special product launch or public event, do not forget to have a coloring service. All the guests with kids will surely get attracted because while kids are busy coloring, adults can easily explore the new products or services you have for them. As well as kids can show off their creative abilities.